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New rules
blair (4)
gganon_mod wrote in gossipgirlanon
Rules were largely based on glee_kink_meme , inception_kink , kinkme_merlin and the rules for Porn Battle, but have since been modified

These rules are for prompts and fills made after January 24, 2011.  Failure to abide by the rules can result in posts being screened, frozen or deleted.  Updated August 13, 2014.


  • This is the community's Delicious account. This is the community's Pinboard account.  There are two accounts in case one of the accounts is down for whatever reason. The tagging's pretty straight-forward: entries are tagged by their paring, kink/s (if any) and completeness (unfilled, partially filled and filled).  A list of tags has been provided for ease in using the Delicious and Pinboard accounts.

  • Be respectful: no outing, flaming or judging people for anything, including their parings or kinks.  No trolling.

  • Links/embeds to items outside the meme (including, but not limited to, sites, blogs, videos, pictures, gifs, etc. al.) are okay, but be aware that such links can break in the future.  You may want to find a way to preserve those links/embeds for a while, since prompts here can take a while to fill.

  • Link to NSFW videos, gifs, etc. No embedding anything NSFW.

  • If a link, gif, picture, etc. al., is perceived as a trolling video, gif, etc, your thread may be frozen.

  • No linking to any locked material from any journal or community (even if you own the journal or community).  This meme is not a place for you to get others to join your locked communities to view fills.

  • Do not use the prompt post for anything other than suggesting and seconding prompts and fills.  Anything other than prompts, seconding requests and fills have been and will be deleted.  This includes, but is not limited to, serious discussion about the meme, questions/comments/suggestions for the meme and critiques of other people's works.

  • Do use the mod post for any comments, suggestions or requests.  You can also message my LJ account or email me at  gganonmod [at] gmail [dot] com.


  • Gen, RPF and crossovers are welcome!

  • Prompts with no specific kink are also welcome here!

  • One prompt and pairing per comment. It makes filing easier.

  • This meme is choose not to warn. You don't have to warn for anything you're writing or filling if you don't want to warn.

  • If you're referencing an episode, make sure you indicate what episode you're referring to in your request. The title of the episode (e.g. "The Wild Brunch") and/or the episode number (e.g. 102, 1.02, season one episode two) is okay. It's best not to assume everyone who reads the meme has seen the episode/s you are requesting kink for.

  • Seconding (or more-ing) prompts are always welcome!

  • Spoiler notes for Gossip Girl or any other piece of media is not required,  If you feel like spoiler notes could be helpful to your fill, please feel free to add them.

Prompt Format:

  • Paring, kink/prompt.

  • Example: Rufus/Waffles, breakfast, dub!con. (Silly example, but I'm trying not to show favoritism.)


  • Fills can be anything: fic, art, fanmix, podfic (aural story), poem...whatever.

  • Try to comment under the prompt you are writing for or your fill may be frozen/deleted.

  • Do not write stories without a prompt in the meme to showcase them to an audience. Those stories may be deleted.  There are other communities where you can show off your Gossip Girl fiction without prompts.  If you'd like, you can write a prompt and fill it yourself.  But don't randomly write a story in this meme without a prompt.

  • If your fill exceeds the LJ comment limit (~4300 characters), split your fill up but keep your story together, (preferably) by nesting each part of your story (reply to each part of your story) or replying with each part of  your fill to the original prompt. If someone else starts a fill on the same prompt you are replying to (and your fill is not completed), do not start a new thread. If I can't tell whether your fill is completed or not, it will not be considered a filled prompt.

  • Try to at least use the paring and kink from the original prompt or your fill may be frozen/deleted.

  • Linking to previous works if they fit the fill is okay, but will not be considered a fill.

  • Linking to or reposting your own work from the meme is okay.

  • Responding to already filled prompts is okay.

  • Using the same story to fill multiple prompts is also okay.

.Resources:Rules will be added/changed as needed.



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